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About us

We are Ignite. We build, digital solutions that empower and delight the people who use them. Ignite is an international band of more than 400 digital strategists, designers, technologists, and data experts.

Our common belief is that engaging customers as human beings leads to satisfaction, retention, renewal, and advocacy. And that is what makes a brand truly successful in the digital age. Simply put, offering a people a genuinely better and distinctive digital experience is a key part of building brand salience and long-term loyal.

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Our values

We come from different places and backgrounds, but we all want our workplace to be an example of reason, dignity, and mutual respect. See what is most important to us. If our values sit right with you, will catch the vibe immediately!


Our international team embraces individual differences, promotes diversity, and maintains an environment of openness, acceptance, and respect.


We move forward together. Every win is a collective one.


We trust the skills and good intentions of our colleagues and clients, and always communicate in an open and transparent way.


We bring excitement and energy into the work we do. We offer everyone the freedom to explore different fields to improve themselves and our service offering.

NoA family structure

NoA Ignite is a part of The North Alliance (NoA), a close-knit family of design, communication and technology companies. We work together with our sister agencies to deliver a broad spectrum of services in technology, design, communications and advertising.

The company culture at NoA Ignite is heavily influenced by our Scandinavian background. We want our people to feel at home in our company. We believe that our employees happiness, engagement, and sense of involvement have a positive effect on the work they do.

Our people get a lot of autonomy, which is a great motivator for self-development. It also empowers them to take responsibility and foster close relationships with our clients. This way, we offer the best service and continue to grow as a team and company.

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English lessons

Since we work, with international clients we want you to feel confident communicating in English. If you feel that, you need to practice your English skills in a more relaxed environment, you can sign up for free English lessons with a native speaker. Btw you can also choose others language to learn

Flexible working hours

Do you need to do kindergarten pickup during work time? Quick emergency dog walk? No worries, we got your back. At NoA, people come first, we all are humans after all. We do have core hours, but our work time is life adjusted

Hybrid work

Home or office? You work where you want

Training budget

Each of us has a training budget of PLN 5,000 per year - you can do certificates, start postgraduate studies, and buy books - all options that help your competencies grow are more than welcome!